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"...emphasizes individual analysis and collaboration over 'group think'"

Cherisa's ability to quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of a diverse group of people is an understated superpower. I have had the pleasure of watching her lead groups through thought exercises in a way that emphasizes individual analysis and collaboration over "group think." 

Cherisa has demonstrated the ability to gauge and engage with the social dynamics of groups–even when those groups are not open to creative collaboration–and to guide those groups towards thoughtful outcomes.

–Harrison Ripps, Director of Engineering

"...coached our team utilizing guided discovery principles"

Cherisa actively coached our team utilizing guided discovery principles. Cherisa was an excellent communicator, providing clear instructions and clarification if needed. She was always pleasant to work with.

She exhibited confidence and mastery of the subject matter,  always prepared and poised in front of her audience. She has the ability to think on her feet, read the room and make adjustments when needed.

Cherisa is confident without being arrogant. She maintains her poise when things don’t go according to plan, and demonstrates the ability to recover.

–Jonathan Suber, Manager, Software Engineering

"...fostered excellent engagement...thought provoking conversations"

Cherisa Zafft has a true talent for connecting and leading.  Her leadership throughout our engagement fostered excellent engagement, helped us enter into thought provoking conversations that made us consider other perspectives, and armed us with the foundation of what we needed to help us succeed as we continued our career journey as managers.

Besides facilitating the workshop, Cherisa also encouraged us to stay in touch with her both personally and professionally and sincerely offered to be a resource should we ever need it. 

–Anne Muir (she/her), Senior Manager

"...ability to think strategically across various business groups"

Cherisa facilitated and led many leadership courses, enablement sessions, and workshops for us over the last 3+ years. She is an engaging facilitator who is passionate about learning and sharing her knowledge. She has the ability to think strategically across various business groups, job functions, and levels to deliver meaningful insights.

Cherisa's energetic nature and passion help her get buy-in from everyone in the room which creates a dynamic learning environment and makes sure everyone in the group is heard. 

I would highly recommend Cherisa.

–Michael Montalto, Senior Manager

" agile, adaptable thinker who is capable of innovating in real time"

Cherisa's experience designing and delivering workshops to individuals around the world illustrates her ability to analyze complex problems and distill information down to simple, discrete presentations and communications for any audience.

Cherisa is able to make data-driven decisions and adapt to changing customer needs. 

I would highly recommend Cherisa because she is an agile, adaptable thinker who is capable of innovating in real time. 

–Elise Hines, Manager, Content Services

"...focused on encouraging the group to build relationships...and really cared about achieving best outcomes"

Cherisa went above and beyond to be sure the group was engaged, and also made the experience a lot of fun. She was an excellent leader and coach as she guided our group.

I especially appreciated that she focused on encouraging the group to build relationships, and that she really cared about achieving the best outcomes for our group and for [the company].

–Brian Ellis, Senior Manager, Strategic Talent Programs

"Individuals of all backgrounds feel safe being vulnerable in Cherisa’s sessions"

I can say I am a better leader because of the quality and commitment Cherisa demonstrates as a facilitator. What sets Cherisa apart is her awareness of the importance of creating useful discussions and activities for groups.

Individuals of all backgrounds feel safe being vulnerable in Cherisa’s sessions which is where the most intimate and long-lasting problem solving and growth occurs. 

Cherisa ... would often refine the discourse to ensure it was applicable to the conversation at large. This is a subtle value-add skill that not only improves the entire group but gives agency to the participants. 

Cherisa’s rare and unique talents are complemented by just being someone you’d always want on your team, on your project, and on your side. She’s an experienced professional who leverages her mastery of communication for the success of others. 

Please accept my unconditional recommendation for Cherisa Zafft.

–Jim Preis, Principal Program Manager

" engagement with groups of all sizes"

I've received several trainings from Cherisa, and find that I still draw on the experience regularly, which I attribute to her expert engagement with groups of all sizes.

Cherisa has a way of bringing a discussion to life by tying in the stories and challenges of those she is teaching. 

Her relational mastery is evident, as she can take a suggestion, question, or comment from a participant and draw new connections seamlessly. 

–Ryan Gibson, Manager

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