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Open Space Technology (agile events)

šŸ’”An innovative way to get better results in less time with more buy-in.

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Open Space is an inviting alternative to the usual meeting, conference, or summit format.

Open Space will work with almost any question and any group that cares about that question, but it works even better when things get challenging in the following ways.

Complexity: When the challenge/question to be addressed is bigger than any one person, group or area of expertise will be able to fully address.

Diversity: When successful resolution requires input and action from a wide diverse group of stakeholders or individuals with a diversity of interests.

Passion & Conflict: Whether there is real conflict or the potential for conflict, it is driven by passion which means people care enough to fight for something.Ā 

Urgency:Ā  When time is short, and it's past time for an effective resolution.

Why Open Space?

Planning an Open Space is much simpler than preparing for a traditional conference. An Open Space meeting requires minimal infrastructure, no presentation scheduling nor other logistical headaches, and no pre-planned agenda. Costs are kept to a minimum, and time spent planning the meeting is greatly reduced.Ā 

Sponsors only need to focus most of their time on identifying the stakeholders to engage and crafting and supporting an effective invitation.

Frequently asked questions:

How many people can participate?

Open Space is adaptable to groups of five to 2000+ people.

How much time is needed for Open Space?

Open Space can span a half day to several days. We recommend a full day for necessary connection, explanation of the process, idea generation, and in-depth discussions.

What resources are needed for Open Space?

Space for the all attendees to move freely, sticky notes, whiteboards and/or open wall space, flipchart paper, pens and markers, stakeholders willing to collaborate.

What outcomes will we get from an Open Space?

For more information on Open Space, see What Is Open Space Technology?

Team Offsites & Retreats

šŸ¤Engage your employees and build a more effective team.

White board planning for an offsite

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How engaging was your last offsite?

Employees are more productive and motivated when they feel a greater sense of involvement in establishing their organizationā€™s goals and ideals.

Ā A carefully-planned off-site or retreat motivates employees because it enlists their creative participation in setting goals and contributing to decisions. Just as important, effective offsites and retreats produce concrete approaches for tackling long-standing and difficult organizational problems.

Team offsites and retreats can be used to:

Why invest in an offsite or retreat?

Offsites and retreats give you the chance to clarify your organizations goals and missions, employee roles, and your company culture while offering a team bonding experience outside of the office. Retreats can also improve morale and motivate your entire staff, making them a worthwhile investment.

What makes for a great offsite or retreat?

It might include learning experiences, team-building activities, downtime for informal socializing, or collaborative work. A retreat might be for a small team or an entire company. There are no rules for how to structure your retreat agenda.

Planning a retreat can seem stressful and intimidatingĀ 

We can help you with planning, approval, execution, and facilitating your next retreat.

Team offsites and retreats can be paired with any of our team building and creativity activities.

Strategic Planning

ā™¾ļøWork has changed. Has your strategy?

Strategy planning

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Most organizations fall into three pitfalls in strategic planning.

We will help you:

Some of our facilitation techniques include:

Make the best use of your time and resources by partnering with us to ensure your next strategy session is effective.

Strategic planning sessions can be paired with any of our team building and creativity activities.

Better Brainstorming

šŸ§ Generate better ideas with better outcomes in less time.

Mind map on a whiteboard

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Traditional brainstorming sessions are rarely as effective as desired, and they are often frought with challenges like groupthink, lack of action....

With facilitated brainstorming sessions, we can help you:

Better Brainstorming will help you:

Some of our brainstorming tools include:

Better Brainstorming can be paired with any of our of our team building and creativity activities.

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