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Team Performance & Resilience

🛟There's no wrong time to make your team stronger and more resilient. We can help!

Team of whitewater rafters

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Even the best teams can struggle when faced with adversity.

Crafting a team of experienced individual kayakers won't necessarily result in a skilled whitewater rafting team. Business is no different. Groups of resilient high performers may not be result in a teams that are also resilient and high performing. 

There are three key times to focus on increasing team performance and resiliency:

Basically, there's no bad time to work on making your team better.

What makes a team more effective and resilient?

Some of the tools we use to help teams increase performance and resiliency include:

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LEGO® Serious Play

🏗️The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® program is a radical and innovative process designed to enhance business performance through building with LEGO bricks.


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During the workshop, each participant is invited to build an answer or solution to a question with LEGO® bricks. This approach promotes "thinking through your fingers," using symbolism, story telling, and cross-cultural understanding.

Each participant is also asked to put their contribution in the spotlight. This comes from one of the principles of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, namely that every stakeholder can contribute to the solution.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY benefits teams by enhancing:

Sample activity: Invisible building challenge

Divide team into groups of 4-6 members. Each group is divided in half with one half receiving a structure built of LEGO bricks and the other half given loose LEGO bricks to build with. Separate groups with a physical barrier. The group with the pre-built structure with explain to the other half of their team how to build the structure without showing them what it looks like. The team with the most accurate re-creation wins. 

Click here to learn more about LEGO® Serious Play® and materials.

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Team Creativity Sessions 

🎭Perfect for in-person events and offsites, get your creativity flowing with individual and team challenges. 

Flipping the Sheet team activity 

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Some of the activities we bring include:

Each activity requires 2-3 hours for introduction, practice, competition, and closure. Activities can be combined for a full-day of creative challenges or combined with other types of facilitation to meet your objectives.

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Virtual Games & Challenges

🎲You set up the meeting. We facilitate the activities

Dollar bill origami in the shape of a butterfly

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